Crystal Lodge Moose - the legend of Monty the Moose

13th November, 2012

There is a member of our team who has been working with us for quite a while we’d like you to meet. He has been called “the host with most” and many in Whistler know him for his encyclopedic knowledge of the area. He is the one you want to see if you need to know anything about Whistler.

We’d like to introduce you to Monty, the Crystal Lodge Moose. Monty will be working in our Guest Services Team, as your Whistler concierge at the Crystal Lodge. He knows Whistler back to front, can show you the best family activities, satisfy every adrenalin rush, tantalise your taste buds or find you a moment of relaxation.

The Legend of Monty

Monty was originally given to us as a gift from one of our front desk staff who was moving back to Australia. As one of our guest service team members, she was a wealth of local knowledge and was a fantastic concierge for our guests. As a legacy to this staff member, we decided to entrust Monty the Moose to carry on her knowledge (plus lots more) and ensure that we continue to provide our guests with inside tips for your Whistler holiday.

Monty has just agreed to be the host in a new series called "Whistler Inside Tips!" that will be appearing on the blog section of our website.

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