Is your Whistler Ski Holiday getting cold feet?

5th December, 2012

Ski boots are arguably the most important piece of your ski equipment as they are the direct link between you and your skis. This week we visited Can-Ski Whistler Village, one of the 20 shops within the Crystal Lodge, to find out more about avoiding that uncomfortable ski boot pain. We spoke with one of Whistler Blackcomb’s qualified Bootfitters at Can-Ski, Nino Ugrenovic, and how he can make the defining difference in comfort and performance on the slopes this season for our guests at the Crystal Lodge.

Can-ski Whistler bootfitting

Why do my ski boots hurt?

There isn’t a simple answer. Ski boots may be painful for a number of reasons. One of the most common problems with ski boots is that they are often too big and therefore allow for too much motion within the boot. As a result, many skiers will over tighten their buckles to stop themselves from moving around within the boot causing their feet to go to sleep or simply ache.

A proper fitting ski boot should be snug everywhere without any distinct pressure points. Having an experienced bootfitter can help diagnose key problems but most importantly, can help you find the proper fitting boots!

So many ski boots out there, how to choose the right one?

Boot selection in any ski shop may be overwhelming. A Can-Ski Bootfitter can help you narrow down your choices based on your foot anatomy and skiing preferences. Although boot manufactures have improved their fits over the years, a Can-Ski Bootfitter will help provide the ultimate customization. We specialize in shell modifications such as, expansion, punching, alignment, etc.

Do I need footbeds in my ski boot?

A proper custom footbed is certainly the most important investment you can make towards the performance and comfort of your ski boots. All ski boots come with generic footbeds that do very little to help with the fit of the ski boot. Custom footbeds provide personalized support and allow for more efficient transmission of energy from foot to ski. Our Can-Ski stores are equipped with the latest technologies to customize your footbed needs.

Cold Feet?

So many skiers cut their days short simply because their feet are freezing. This is a problem with a simple solution. Boot heaters! Imagine a heating element installed onto your footbed connected to a high-powered long-lasting lithium ion battery powering the whole system. Boot heaters can be added to virtually any boot, old or new. A quick stop at any Can-Ski Whistler Village located right in the Crystal Lodge can make cold feet a thing of the past.

Whether a novice or expert, you will benefit from a professional bootfit. The first step to finding the perfect fit begins at Can-Ski Whistler Village. So drop in and let us help you make the best of this winter season! Thank you Nino Ugrenovic, Can-Ski Bootfitter for all the great information.