Quiksilver in the Crystal Lodge has the right apparel for every season!

19th February, 2013

QuiksilverThis week we stepped inside the Quiksilver Store at the Crystal Lodge to meet with one of their enthusiastic staff, Kate.

What is it about the Quiksilver brand that you like or relate to?
Quiksilver (and Roxy) is inspiring to any age in many ways. Be it snow or surf there are opportunities to progress in an active way of life, for example in Whistler participating in our Roxy Camps. Not only does Quiksilver provide the tools for an active life, they are also very fashion forward – so you look great even when you aren’t skiing, snowboarding or surfing. I think it’s great to be inspired this way.

Quiksilver Whistler

What is the most popular item in the store?
In the winter, probably bikinis and board shorts (surprisingly!) especially with hotel guests who are wanting to enjoy the hot tub and pool.
In summer, t-shirts and plaid flannel shirts are very popular.

Tell me something about Quiksilver that I may not know.
Did you know the men’s Quiksilver logo is a mountain and a wave? And the women’s Roxy logo is a heart shaped logo made out of the Quiksilver logo.

Crystal Lodge Hotel guests receive 10% off all regular priced items with the Crystal Advantage card.

Quiksilver, Quiksilver women’s and Roxy – what is the difference between these?
Quiksilver is the men’s line; Quiksilver women’s is Quiksilver branded but designed for adult women; and Roxy is a version of Quiksilver designed for young women, fashion targeting teenagers and young adults.

If you could buy anything is the store right now – what would you buy?
Too many awesome things to choose from! We just got in some Roxy Spring accessories; the ‘Roxy Take Back Bag’ is on my wish list.