Whistler Fresh Tracks Mountain Top Breakfast

4th March, 2013

Fresh Tracks - the team at the hotel front desk mentioned it, you've heard a local chatting about it on a powder day - but what is all this hype about?

Fresh Tracks Mountain Top Breakfast at the top of Whistler mountain is the perfect thing to do to start your day of skiing or snowboarding.


The day starts early (but believe us it's worth it) when you upload the Whistler Village gondola at 7:15am and head up to the Roundhouse Lodge for a delicious, mountain-sized breakfast buffet. Then, as an added bonus, get your fill of fresh powder or perfectly groomed corduroy on the upper mountain before the rest of the Whistler resort are even out of bed.

It definitely makes for a unique Whistler breakfast experience during your holiday, however there is an art to Fresh Tracks. Here are some tips from our hotel staff on making the most of Fresh Tracks.

The Powder Hound Day
The snow forecast is for 20cm of new snow and every skier and snowboard in Whistler is going to be ready to hit the mountain. Make sure you are up early, if you're not in the line-up by 6:30am you will probably miss out as there is a limit of 650 guests. Breakfast may be a little rushed but when the bell rings, you'll be skiing some amazing powder.

The Bluebird Groomer Day
No new snow but sunshine galore. One of our personal favourite Fresh Tracks days at the Crystal Lodge. These days are all about enjoying the delicious breakfast as you watch the sunrise over the mountains at 1800 metres. Make sure you bring your camera as there are lots of photo opportunities. To finish off you will have fresh groomers to carve up.

The Late Start Powder Day
It's a powder day but you were at the back of the line-up. Switch up the order. You won't have time to eat breakfast before the bell rings. Head straight to the rope line and wait for the bell to ring. When the bell rings enjoy a couple of quick powder laps then head back to the Roundhouse for your breakfast.


Fresh tracks line up

Lining up at 6:20am and we managed to beat the crowds on a 15cm powder day, early bird gets fresh snow!

Fresh Tracks tickets can be purchased in advance or the day of, and are available from Guest Relations or any ticket window for only $19.95. Available from December 15, 2012 to April 7, 2013.