Whistler Bear Watching

3rd July, 2018

The Whistler valley forest area is home to approximately one hundred black bears. One of the most popular questions we get at the hotel is "where can I see a bear?" There is a few places not far from the Crystal Lodge worth visiting to increase your chances of a bear sighting.

Here are some of our favourite bear watching hot spots but the first bear watching tip to keep in mind is that bears tend to be more active at dusk and dawn.

Golf Course

Whistler Golf Course

There is a great 5km walk around the Whistler Golf course which is just a 5 minute walk from the hotel front doors. Bears are particularly active around the golf courses through spring. Keep your eyes open for the soggy natural areas on the course for your best chance to spot a bear feeding on dandelions.

Whistler Bike Park

Whistler Bike Park

Many lucky mountain bikers come down telling tales of bear sightings. There are several black bears that call Whistler mountain home so make sure you keep an eye out while shredding laps in the bike park.

Whistler Blackcomb Sightseeing

Whistler Mountain

The scenery in the Whistler Blackcomb Alpine is amazing, but don't forget to keep an eye out for bears on your next chair lift or gondola ride. 20 different bears have already been sighted on Whistler Blackcomb mountains including a 4 month old cub named Alice

Bear Watching Tour

If you're on a tight time line and you really want to see a bear, taking a Bear Watching Tour is your best option. Experienced local bear guru's and naturalists will also be hand to provide information on the bear habitats and the surrounding flora.  There are a few companies that offer Bear Viewing Tours including Whistler Blackcomb and Whistler Discovery Tours.

Most importantly you must remember to be Bear Smart when visiting Whistler. There is a high chance you will encounter a bear if you take a walk/hike/bike through the Whistler valley surrounding the hotel. Make sure you take a moment to read up on the Bear Smart tips before your trip or ask the hotel front desk team for a Bear Smart handout.

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler / Chad Chomlack & Michael Allen