Whistler Snow School

21st January, 2014

Skiing is one of the most amazing sports to master as you are free to explore a vast mountain at whatever speed your heart desires all while hanging out with your family and friends. We all know that we do not become expert skiers overnight so whether you’re brand new to the sport or just trying to get your ski legs back we suggest taking a lesson. Not only do you get to jump in front of everyone else waiting in line, you also get to learn the building blocks of one of the sports you can do well into your 90’s – feel free to ask Russ White, he was a ski instructor for Whistler Blackcomb until he was in his late 80’s.

The good thing about taking a ski or snowboard lesson is that you can take one no matter what ability level you may be. Picture showing up at Whistler Blackcomb for the first time, which has over 8000 acres of terrain, and not have to think about where to go. The instructors know the mountains like the back of their hands – from where all the hidden local spots, stashes of powder and all of the mountains best kept secrets are for all of your extreme skiers. They are also really patient and love what they do, how can you not enjoy guiding around North Americas best ski resort and getting paid to do it?  That is why we have so many international workers, the secret is out, Whistler Blackcomb is the place to be if you love the mountains.

Black Tusk MountainA few of our staff, including Monty, were lucky enough to get to take a lesson a few days ago, two on skis and one on a snowboard. As you can see from the pictures, mother-nature was kind and sent them sunshine and warm weather. The girls said they had an amazing time mainly because they were in a safe environment where it was easy to learn, the instructors were patient which made learning fun. Monty on the other hand struggled a bit, he said “it was quite a bit harder than it seemed, I don’t think being top heavy with my antlers helped though as it was hard to keep my balance. Every time I leaned forward like they asked; I would end up doing a face plant.” It also might have been because his boots were too big...

 Monty skiing      Monty skiing

If you are planning on coming to Whistler and want to take advantage of the snow schools expertise there is a program for everyone. Click here to have a look at the different programs Whistler Blackcomb offers and check out their snow school video in case you need some inspiration!!!