Pitch In Day 2014

5th May, 2014

This weekend marked the annual Pitch in Day here in Whistler. 

Local community groups, the RMOW and volunteers collected garbage from Emerald all the way down to Function Junction from all the local streets, now that the snow has melted the garbage can no longer hide. Last year, 150 volunteers collected over 3000lbs of garbage which weights that same as a standard car! 

Pitch In Days Whistler  Pitch In Days Whistler

Pitch In Whistler  Pitch In Days Whistler 

Monty and the Crystal Lodge team were out in full force this year all over the corridor. Last Tuesday was the annual Pitch in Day in Squamish; the Squamish team collected a bag of recyclables, 2 cell phones, 4 moldy blankets, a shopping cart, and over 100 bags of dog poo. Our Whistlerites set out with quite a bit to prove, they were assigned the windy road up to staff housing, as you can imagine it was a busy street for garbage. 

All of those staff members walking back and forth to and from the village accumulated quite a bit of trash. The late night trips up that road was the main culprit by the type of garbage collected, some of the highlights included a car battery, a filter for a hot tub, numerous car pieces and 2 full bags of recyclables just to name a few. 

    Pitch In Days Whistler  Pitch In Days Whistler

All of the volunteers including Monty were treated to a BBQ at the Whistler Fire Hall, all of the food was donated by the local grocery store and Monty got to enjoy a burger right on the fire truck and just to top it off, earlier in the day he see his very first bear! He made sure to keep his distance as bears are hungry at this time of year and moose meat has always been known to be tasty. 

    Pitch In Days Whistler  Pitch In Days Whistler