Whistler Bike Park Opening

15th May, 2014

This weekend marks the opening of the Whistler Bike Park and this town couldn’t be more pumped. The snow has almost completely melted and the sun is now shining on our pale skin which hasn’t seen much direct sun in months. The town is slowly starting to come out of hibernation because the opening of the bike park marks the start of summer and to celebrate the Whistler Bike Park has decided to add new extended play dates which mean longer hours to stay out and play.

Whistler Bike Park

A few of you are probably reading this thinking you have to work during the day like pretty much the rest of the employed working class outside the lucky few but Whistler Blackcomb is one step ahead of you. The Twilight Pass is your ticket to ride the park from 5:00pm – 8:00pm and even with the restrictions it still gives you a total of 88 nights to rip. Check out the video above, it is guaranteed to get you excited about your summer ahead!