Dog With a Blog - Dogtober

1st October, 2015

Check out our most recent blog that was written by one of our furry four legged guests cause after all it is Dogtober!!

Dogtober is here which means I will be returning back to the Crystal Lodge for another awesome stay. It’s easy to convince my owners to bring me along when dogs stay free for all of October! I love being treated like a VIP. They always set me up with my own blanket, a fresh towel, a nice feeding dish, and my favorite part- a few treats. The Front Desk even greets me by name! I’m practically a celebrity.

For all you dogs who haven’t yet stayed at the Crystal you might not know what you are missing out on. Let me give you some insider tips on how to have the best time in Whistler with your family.

Insider Tip Number #1: 

Dogtober at Crystal LodgeIf you are like me, you are going to want to go for a swim no matter what the weather is like. I highly recommend checking out Barking Bay at Rainbow Park. You can roam off leash, jump off the best dock, and meet all kinds of new friends. If you are lucky, you might find some geese poop to eat. Get your owners to follow the trails from just outside the Crystal Lodge to get to the park. If you use your nose properly you will find it in no time.

Insider Tip Number #2: 

Dog With a BlogShow off your on leash manners with a stroll through the village. You will be sure to get lots of love and attention if you just smile and put on your cute face. Whistler is such a dog friendly place. Everyone will want to say hi, some people might give you treats, and you can go practically anywhere! Work your way down to celebration plaza. Your family will want to see the Olympic Rings, but you should be on the lookout for dropped ice creams. With a Dairy Queen close by and lots of children losing their treats you may luck out and find a tasty morsel just waiting for you to clean up.

Insider Tip Number #3:

Swimming at Lost Lake Whistler

My owners always want to check outLost Lake. I can see why they like it. It looks like a great place to swim, but I’m never allowed off leash there. We like to stroll all around all the trails. There are lots of different trails to choose from and it’s nice to go there for a bike ride. Sometimes I’ll get to stop at Canine Cove and go for a swim. It’s not too far from the beach where all the humans swim and is a good spot to cool down after some fun on the trails. Personally I prefer a dock to jump off of, but if you like wading in the water this might be the place for you.

Insider Tip Number #4:

Dogtober - Whistler Dog Walkers

You might not believe it, but sometimes my owners like to do things without me. As much as I don’t mind relaxing in the hotel room it’s nice to get out on an adventure of your own. It’s nice that there are dog walking services like Whistler Dog Walkers to help keep you entertained. They will come to the hotel and pick you up to take you out on an awesome hike. They always take me to new and exciting places with a bunch of awesome dogs and I get to roam off leash. Some people come to Whistler for the nightlife, but I can assure you that a dog hike is better than anything the humans are doing in these nightclubs.

Insider Tip Number #5:

Dogtober in Whistler BC

After all the hiking and swimming you might need a chance to relax and enjoy a day at the spa. They might not let you into the Scandinave Spa to relax with your owners but you can go to your own exclusive spa with Shampooch. They come and pick you up at the hotel and take you out in their mobile spa. Let yourself relax as they brush you and bathe you. Trust them to cut your hair and trim your nails. My favorite part of Shampooch is that they actually hand dry you. No more waiting in a crate to dry off as your stylist works on another dog. This is high class service. You will look and feel better than ever as they dress you in a new bandana and send you back to your room. Your owners will be so jealous they will be wishing they could go to Shampooch too. 

Come play with me this October at the Crystal Lodge! I’ll show you how to make the most of your stay.


Dogtober - Crystal Lodge & SuitesAbout Wendel

Wendel is a two year old chocolate lab who loves adventures. His favorite things to do are swim, eat, and meet new friends. His choice hotel when he comes to Whistler is the Crystal Lodge. He loves how close he is to all the good trails and lakes, but thinks the best part is that it is a cat free zone.