Dog with a Blog - Spring Is Around the Corner

14th March, 2016

Sniffs hello from your favorite Chocolate Lab!

Winter is coming to an end quickly which is good news for all us dogs here at the Crystal Lodge. It was a great season of Cross Country Skiing in the Callaghan and I managed to try my paws at skating as well. There is nothing better than spending a great day outdoors before coming back the Crystal and sleeping in front of the fireplace. At least that’s what I thought until I started to search for the start of spring coming around the corner. Everyone is still rushing up the mountain to play, but I’ve been down strolling around Whistler Village searching for signs of spring.

Bear AwareIt may be March, but when you have a nose like me it’s hard to get anything by me. I know things are going to start to make a change because I just found my first pile of bear poop. It was pretty small compared to what I find in the summer, but it was still enough for me to really roll in and try a few bites. Some people are so scared of bears. I don’t know why when their poop is so much fun to discover. Don’t get me wrong I like to keep my distance when I run into them out on my walks, but they seem like chickens.  My owners always clap their hands and make loud noises and the bears run off like they just stole food off the table. I know cats braver than that! Although I’m not allowed to play with them it’s still nice to see them around. 

Have you been to Basalt Wine & Salumeria yet? I’ve been strolling around trying to get in for a while now to get a nice slice of meat. It just doesn’t make any sense. Why is there a window full of meat and cheeses on the Village Stroll at my eye level but I’m not allowed in? It must be pretty good. I never find any scraps as I walk past the patio and my owners never bring me any leftovers. If you get a chance to eat there let me know how it goes. In the meantime I’ll just be sniffing around hoping someone wants to share a charcuterie plate with me.

My little sister Nessie, the Yellow Lab, has been a pain lately. She thinks she is so cute and always tries to go see the Front Desk for a treat before me. I’ve been coming to the Crystal since before she was born. I’m the VIP! Not her. They still give her treats and set her up with her own VIP welcome package when she comes in. I tried to tell her it’s only because she is travelling with me, but she seems to think every dog gets treated this way when they stay here. Could it be true? I thought I was special.

Sniff you later,


About Wendel
Wendel is a two and a half year old chocolate lab who loves adventures. His favorite things to do are swim, eat, and meet new friends. His choice hotel when he comes to Whistler is the Crystal Lodge. He loves how close he is to all the good trails and lakes, but thinks the best part is that it is a cat free zone.