Escape To Whistler Package

21st March, 2017

Looking for something unique to do while in Whistler?

Escape! Whistler is a real life gaming experience where you and up to six people are locked inside a theme room and are given puzzles, riddles, and clues to get out within 45 minutes.  You have to work as a team and get those creative juices flowing in order to escape the many different road blocks you come across.  As most of the puzzles are not straight forward, you have to pay attention to your surroundings, details inside the rooms and your clever nature.

Escape Room

There are 4 theme rooms you can choose from, The Lost Tomb, The Buried Cabin, The Rabbit Hole and the Pirate Ship.  The interactive obstacles really test your mind, creative nature and of course the ability of your team as a whole.  Don’t worry, if you get stumped along the way you can receive 2 clues from the walkie-talkie!  This family fun adventure is the perfect place to bring the families of any age, picture yourself spending 45 minutes inside of a real life videogame where the kids can be the controllers! 

We now have an Escape To Whistler Package where the entire family can enjoy this creative fun experience, call our reservations team at 1.800.667.3363 or email [email protected] to book your Escape Package today.


Get to know the Escape Rooms:

The Buried Cabin
A massive snowstorm has dropped the most snow on record. Due to extreme avalanche risk, you have been warned not to travel to the backcountry Ski Cabin your friend heard about. But the thought of deep, fresh powder is too tempting and you decide to go anyway. That night, the worst happens... The Cabin is buried by a massive avalanche sealing the front door and leaving you to figure out how to escape...



Lost Tomb

The Lost Tomb
Legend has it there is an ancient Tomb in South America which contains a priceless gold idol. While trekking through the jungle, deep in the Amazon, you discover the Tomb which has sat undisturbed for a thousand years. Though the Tomb is said to be cursed you decide to go in to explore. But once inside, the entrance closes behind you, trapping you within the chamber. Your only option is to journey deeper into the Tomb and hope there is another way out...


The Pirate Ship
You and your mates have been taken prisoner aboard the ship of a ruthless gang of Pirates. While in jail, you over hear the guard talking about a treasure map the Captain has, hidden somewhere on board the ship. That night, once the guard falls asleep, you decide to try to break out of jail, find the map, and go searching for the treasure...




The Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole While out hiking in the forest you stumble upon a picnic which had been laid out by Alice. But she is no where to be found. Her diary says she was going to follow a very peculiar Rabbit into its hole in a tree stump. Spontaneously, you decide to go down the hole to look for Alice...but now you find yourself in a very unusual place where up is down and weird is normal. Will you ever figure out how to get back to the world you came from?