Epic Ski Pass

26th September, 2017

What is the Epic Pass?

Well in a nut shell the Epic Ski Pass is literally....EPIC.  It is a pass allowing you to ski 15 mountains that are located all over the United States along with one in Australia, Perisher and their recent acquisition, yours truly, Whistler Blackcomb.  With the Epic Ski Pass you get unlimited, unrestricted access to all of the resorts with no blackout dates.  You also get discounts on 6 mountain regions totalling 30 different ski resorts located in Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria.  They don’t call it EPIC for nothing.


Which pass is the right pass?

Loyal fans of the best ski resort in North America can now choose which to buy.  The contenders are the Whistler Blackcomb Seasons Passes, Epic Pass or Epic Local Pass depending on your needs.

Whistler Blackcomb Seasons Pass

If you are planning on only skiing Whistler Blackcomb then this is the pass for you.  The pass itself gets you unlimited access to WB with discounts off food and beverage, shopping, lessons and lodging.  You also receive 50% off 13 of the 15 resorts, excluding Arapahoe Basin and Stowe.  This is the best option for locals who arent planning on additional ski holidays.

Epic Pass - Whistler Blackcomb

Epic Pass

If you are planning on travelling around to different resorts this pass is a no brainer.  Not only is it cheaper than the Whistler Blackcomb pass, you also get access to all of the different Vail resorts along with the International resorts.  The only thing you do not get is the discount on Food &Beverage and retail but if you don’t need that, the Epic Pass is the best value for being able to experience more than one ski hill this winter.

Epic Local Pass

If you are just visiting Whistler Blackcomb but your home mountain is Breckenridge, Keystone, Wilmot, Afton Alps, Mt Brighton, Arapahoe Basin then the Epic Local Pass would be the one you should take advantage of.  You get unlimited access to the mountains listed above but you also get limited access to Park City, Heavenly, Northstar and Kirkwood.  You also get 10 days outside of the busy times at Vail, WB, Beaver Creek and Stowe. 

Epic Pass - Park City

EDGE Cards

Whistler Blackcomb will also be selling their famous EDGE cards this year but just like all of the other passes, they wont be on sale after November 19th, 2017.  There are two passes you can choose from, the 10 Day Edge Card with or without restrictions and the 5 Day Edge Card with or without restrictions.  If you are not planning on skiing during the peak times of December 26th - 31st, January 13 or February 17th & 18th then the Edge Card Restricted is the pass for you.  You can also use a few of the days to ski at one of the Vail Resorts which is a great new perk and you also get the 20% off discount for shopping at Whistler Blackcomb which can really come in handy.


Eligible Epic Pass Ski Resorts

Vail Resorts have acquired 15 of some of the best ski areas in North America.  If you have not had a chance to ski any of the Epic Pass Mountains listed below, this is your chance as you will get unlimited access to all of the resorts.  If you visit Heavenly or Kirkwood dont forget to check out our sister property, Hotel Azure, just minutes from the base of Heavenly.


Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin

Epic Pass - Araphoe Basin


Kirkwood, Northstar, Heavenly

Epic Pass - Heavenly

photo credit - South Tahoe Now


Park City

Epic Pass - Park City


Afton Alps, Mt Brighton, Wilmot

North East



Whistler Blackcomb, Perisher

Epic Pass - Whistler Blackcomb


How Much does the Epic Ski Pass Cost?

If you are still unsure what pass to get, here is the breakdown in cost.  The Whistler Blackcomb Unlimited Seasons Pass is $1,349 CDN whereas the Epic Ski Pass is $1,124, remember, you dont get any discounts on food, retail or lodging but get unlimited skiing at the other Vail Resorts!  The Epic Locals Pass is $873.75 but this pass only works if your home mountain is not Whistler Blackcomb. 

If you are only looking to ski a few times then the EDGE Card is the program for you

EDGE CardPrice CDN
10 Day EDGE Card$789.00
10 Day EDGE Card - Restricted$719.00
5 Day EDGE Card$459.00
5 Day EDGE Card - Restricted$419.00

*all prices are quoted in Canadian dollars


Where to Get the Epic Pass

For everything you need to know, check out the Epic Pass website at www.epicpass.com.


Why the Epic Pass or any Pass for that Matter

The feeling you get from standing on top of a massive peak taking in the majestic view of towering peaks is indescribable, it truly is a feeling is like no other.  The fresh snow, the vast terrain, you 1 on 1 with nature is what keeps that fire lit for the passion of skiing.  This is the reason we chase the powder and keep coming back for more. 

Whistler Blackcomb tops the Vail list of mountains for having the most bowls, glaciers, trails and skiable terrain with over one mile vertical rise making Whistler Blackcomb the place to be.  Call our In-House Reservations Team at 1.800.667.3363  or email [email protected] to make your booking and stay right at the “centre of it all’ this winter. 

Remember: The Epic Pass, Whistler Blackcomb Unlimited Season Pass, 5 & 10 day Edge Cards, Sea to Sky Pass and Student Pass for the 2017/18 season will not be sold after November 19th 2017 so don't miss your chance - book here

photo credit - Blake Jorgenson, Mike Crane, Heavenly, Arapahoe Basin & Park City Instagram, South Tahoe Now