14th May, 2019

Whistler hosts many running events throughout the year such as the 5 peak run, Ironman and the Redbull 400. Learn all you need to know about these races and more!

Running race season is officially upon us and with that comes an abundance of races for all ages and athletic abilities to get the blood pumping. Time to start pounding the pavement or trails, whatever your passion is there's a race for you in Whistler.  Your quest for chasing that runners high begins now! 

Whistler Half Marathon - June 1, 2019

The Whistler Half Marathon kicks off the running season in Whistler. Join in on the community fun with this picturesque run. Run lengths range from  1km kids run, 5km, 10k, 21km, or 30km. They even have a Dog Jog just so your furry friend doesn't feel left out, get the whole family involved! Enjoy the perfect mix of scenery while weaving in and out of lakes, forests, and the Whistler village.  The running route is also easily accessible so your fan club can easily follow your every move and be waiting just around the next bend. 

photo credit - Mike Crane | TW

Tough Mudder - June 15, 2019

Get ready to get muddy! Tough Mudder is a fun individual or team obstacle course. Dress up or keep it strictly business. At the end of the race receive an ice cold beer for your efforts. The race takes place at the Whistler Olympic Village located in the Callaghan Valley. Transportation to the location is provided from the village to the event location.

Spartan - September 14, 2019

Is this the toughest obstacle race in the world?  We will let you decide that. Host to this year Super, Sprint, the Spartan Mountain Series Race is presented by the U.S Air Force Special Ops, so you know it's going to be tough. The obstacle race is only 5km long but offers 20 intense obstacle challenges in between.  Spartan recommends you get comfortable with pull-ups and dips because you'll be at the mercy of your body weight all day. 

photo credit - Mike Crane | TW

Comfortably Numb Trail Marathon - June 15, 2019

Where does this trail get its name from you ask? Well, the point between no longer being able to feel your legs and getting comfortable with that feeling because you still have a ways to go... up. 

photo credit - Justa Jeskova | TW

5 Peak Trail Running Series - August 24, 2019

Whistler is lucky enough to be featured as one of the 5 peaks in BC's 5 Peak Trail Running Series. The 5 Peak race is a celebration of nature, hard work, strength, family & community. Catch the gondola to the top Blackcomb Mountain, run through blooming wildflower meadows, and beside alpine lakes, and through boulder fields.  

Fun Fact: This race is a cup-free event so they ask racers to bring a reusable cup along for the run. Saving the environment one cup at a time! 

The North Face Valley to Peak - August 31, 2019

Whistler Blackcomb and North Face have paired up to create the Valley to Peak Race. Like the name describes its a race from the valley floor to the top of Whistler and along the high note trail.  This trail running race offers 3km loop, 1km kids fun loop. 23km and 10km race. 1KM, 3KM, and 10KM runners will need a valid lift pass to gain access to the starting line. 

photo credit - Mike Crane | TW

Redbull 400 - July 13, 2019

Redbull is always coming out with new ways to push human limits and the Redbull 400 Race does just that. Kudos to the creator that came up with the brainchild to test speed and endurance in a matter of minutes as you scramble up 400 meters on a 37-degree incline from the bottom of a ski jump. We've all had that moment watching the Winter Olympics ski jump segment with our jaws dropped and thinking to ourselves, those people are crazy! I don't know who's crazier, the skiers skiing down or the summer savages running up it! We have all the faith in the world that you can conquer this obstacle, after all, it's only 400 meters but just in case, from me to you here is our spin on Training tips: find the steepest hill in your community or the steepest stairs and get comfortable because they will be your best friend for the next couple of months. Now don't get too cocky once you've conquered your training ground because the race will be 10x harder!

photo credit - Mike Crane | TW

Whistler 50 Relay & Ultra - October 19, 2019

Choose between a casual 10km run or an epic 50km run. Run individually or compete in teams of 2, 4, or 8 people. Do you have a competitive side? Compete for the title of the fastest team, or don't take it easy and have fun with your team. The faster you run the faster you can attend the Finish Line Party complete with music, a beer garden, food and more! 

Fun Fact: The Whistler 50 has brought in over $36,000 for food banks in the Sea to Sky Corridor. Bring a non-perishable food item on race day to donate!

Whistler Alpine Meadows - September 20, 2019

Part of the Salomon Coast Mountain Trail Series the Whistler Alpine Meadows Race is a quality, challenging, professionally run trail event. Most of the trails used in the race have only been completed in the last couple of years which means your guaranteed sights that the vast majority of the public have not explored yet. Ranging in length from 13.5km - 175km and lots of elevation gain this race is not for the faint of heart. Buckle up it's going to a heck of a climb!

Ironman - July 28, 2019

The ultimate test of endurance, this triathlon is widely known for pushing limits in the Triathalon world 4km swim,180km bike ride, 42km run. Start the day off with a brisk swim in Alta Lake then jump on your bike and ride to Whistler Olympic Park in the Callaghan valley with plenty of hills the climb, finally stretch your legs with a causal marathon length run along the valley trail connecting whistlers forests and lakes. Contestants have until midnight to complete the race. Will you be an Ironman?

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