Posted on June 01, 2020

If you are looking to bike, Whistler is the place to be.  Over the past decade, Whistler has been focused on building an extensive trail system for road bikers, cross country bikers and mountain bikers alike. Mountain Biking is the perfect opportunity to get out in nature and get a dose of some fresh mountain air.


Lost Lake Trail Network

As a token to Whistler’s rich logging history, all of the green trail names are dedicated to the aspects of logging that were used in town. Molly Hogan was a technique to splice together cables used by logging crews and the Donkey Puncher was a steam-powered machine known to haul logs around camp.

Far Side Loop at Cheakamus

Looking for an easy scenic loop alongside Cheakamus River? Combine Far Side trail with Riverside trail for a 6km bike ride the whole family will love!


Lord of The Squirrels

Prepare yourself for the climb of your life. Make sure to bring lots of food and water. This trail is rated blue but easily feels like a black after you factor in the effort and exertion when descending after the few hours you just spent climbing. There is no other trail like this in Whistler. Lord of the Squirrels is a high alpine trail so make sure you have clothing for the sudden change of temperature and don’t forget your phone or camera to capture this one of a kind scenic journey.

Lost Lake Trail Network

The blue trails at lost lake all have psychedelic names such as Toads of the Short Forest, Fountain of Love, and Dwarf Nebula. Lost Lake offers a vast network of blue trails, but beware there is a big jump from Lost Lake blue trails to blue trails in and around Whistler.

Cut Yer Bars

The name says it all. Do you consider yourself good at maneuvering? Maneuver through tight trees and watch out not to clip your handlebars!

Black Diamond

Yummy Nummy to Foreplay

There are lots of rocks and roots on this trail. Be sure to take your time and enjoy the view as you pedal through an old-growth forest.

Micro Climate

This is a Whistler Classic. Please note, this trail is not suitable for wet weather riding.

Pura Vida

Chuteie, loose, and roots galore so expect a challenge. There are no major obstacles to be aware of.

River Runs Through It

This fun trail is full of woodwork features. Most features have an easier ride around option if you’re not feeling 100% on your game. Give it you’re all on this trail or just have fun playing on the features however you choose to ride this trail its a loved local trail.

Double Black Diamond

Green Monster

Get ready to look fear in the face and maybe have your doctor on call just in case because this trail is three words; gnarley, steep & loose. Nuff said.

Working Class

If High Society & Pura Vida trails had a baby they would have named it Working Class. The perfect combination of both trails Working Class offers up some interesting rock lines accompanied by a handful of chutes.

Hey Bud

This is a soft, loamy trail. Watch out for all the switchbacks on the steep bits, through the big tree forest and moss-carpeted forest floor.

Cheap Thrills

This technical flow trail is known for its surprises around every corner. Don’t let the Flank trail turn you off of this beauty.