Posted on July 08, 2020

Luckily in Whistler, there’s plenty of lakes to choose from when you are looking to spend a day at the lake. Whether you’re looking to lounge at a park, take up paddleboarding, learn how to sail, or maybe relax and read a book, there are many spots to choose from.


The Lakes

Whistler has 5 lakes to choose from to enjoy your time: Alpha Lake, Nita Lake, Alta Lake, Lost Lake, and Green Lake.

ALPHA LAKE: This lake has everything you need: children’s play area, volleyball court, swimming dock, picnic tables, slackline posts, and a dog-friendly area with a separate dock and swimming area.

NITA LAKE: This petite lake is quiet and a nice spot to paddleboard. Pack your beach bag with some towels, sunscreen, and maybe a book or paddleboard.

ALTA LAKE: Alta Lake is a large lake a short bike ride away from the Crystal along the Valley Trail. This scenic lake has 360-degree views of mountains with many parks for you to enjoy. At Alta Lake, dogs also enjoy their own beach and dock for the best swimming and jumping around. Want to learn how to sail? Whistler Sail offers lessons on Alta Lake – a great opportunity to get out on the water and learn something new!

LOST LAKE: Lost Lake is the closest Lake to The Crystal Lodge. Lost Lake is a short walk or bike ride away and leads with the perfect loop to take in the views. While making your way around, be sure to check out the nature trails for some less-travelled paths and lakeside benches and spots to enjoy. If you’re looking for some extra exploration, check out the maps located around the lake for the walk and bike-friendly trails.

GREEN LAKE: Looking for a turquoise lake to get that Instagram-worthy photo? The looks may be deceiving as this is certainly the coldest lake around Whistler. The glacier-fed lake makes up for it in its views and is a great spot to watch the float planes land and take off. Green lake is also a great spot for wakeboarding as the lake allows motorized boats on the water!

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