Posted on August 27, 2020

During this time we’ve all been feeling cooped up and a bit bored of having to stay home as much as possible, including for work.  Now that non-essential travel is allowed in BC why not change locations for a few days to switch up your work routine.

Here are a few tips on how to work out of a hotel room:

  1. Start your morning with a warm-up. After you’ve gotten up head out of the hotel for a quick stroll to stretch your muscles and get your blood pumping, or use their Gym facilities to keep up with your workout routine.
  2. Ensure your hotel room has desk space so that you have a dedicated area to work in. There’s nothing worse than being restricted to only your bed to sleep and work.
  3. Ask the hotel about their WiFi speed and cost prior to arrival – ideally, it will be fast and free.
  4. Step out for lunch. It’s important to get your body moving after a few hours of work, and always nice to explore a new eatery.
  5. Once your work is complete, indulge in an activity you’ve never done before. After all, you are working away from home so why not add a bit of fun to your after hours?

At the Crystal Lodge we offer Fast Free WiFi, Desks in all Guestrooms, a central location just steps from restaurants and activities, and most importantly Whistler offers wide open spaces to explore.  If you’re craving a week of Work-Away look no further than The Crystal.