Posted on April 19, 2022

Springtime in Whistler is a celebration of longer days and warmer weather. It is the only time in the year that you can ski and bike at Whistler Blackcomb, which means that there are more activities for those visiting. Here are our Top Seven Spring Activities to do in Whistler.


Roll out the bikes and get ready for some early bike season laps. The Whistler valley starts to melt in April, allowing access to the bike trails. The higher-up runs like Lord of The Squirrels will take longer to melt, however access to Lost Lake Trails and some Rainbow Mountain trails are good to go as soon as early April. Prefer lift access? The Whistler Bike Park starts operations on May 13, 2022!


Grab the family and hold on tight! Let your feet dangle above the forest floor as you zip across a valley. Ziptrek and TAG offer a variety of ziplining tours suited for thrill-seekers of all ages. Zip side-by-side or upside down for a little added fun. Each company operates on a different mountain which makes each experience uniquely different.

Forged Axe Throwing

We know that sometimes spring can throw sunshine, rain and even snow at us all in one day. To escape the elements, we recommend throwing some axes. Get ready for some sharp competition at Forged Axe Throwing, Whistler’s #1 rated group activity, as the friendly hosts will coach you and your family on how to hit bullseyes for days. A little family competition never hurt anyone.

P: The Adventure Group


Looking for a little adrenaline rush? Canadian Wilderness Adventures offers adrenaline all wrapped up in a nice package with their ATV Tours. Choose from four different ATV tours including a family tour ideal for kids, all the way to the advanced ‘Wild Wild West’ tour sure to get your teens smiling and taking shots to share on social. Rip through the great outdoors and experience a different side of Whistler with your family.

Canoe Tours

Enjoy the sunshine as you glide your way through glacier-fed waters with a canoe tour in Whistler. Canadian Wilderness Adventures offer two tours, a summertime classic leading you down the River of Golden Dreams, starting from Alta Lake all the way into Green Lake and the more adventurous Callaghan Lake Backcountry Tour. Both tours are suitable for families and show off amazing views, unique to each part of the Valley.

Whistler Escape Rooms

If you like puzzles, this is the activity for you. Escape! Whistler has six different rooms to choose from, all varying in difficulty and themes with one common goal, get out before times up! You have 45 minutes to work as a team and beat the rooms. If you are looking to kill some time before dinner or another activity, this is perfect.

Whistler in Spring is a unique and wonderful time to visit. At Crystal Lodge, we love to make everybody’s experience one that they will never forget and our expert Reservations Team has experience helping people create memories that will last a lifetime. If you have any questions on how you can make your Whistler getaway unforgettable you can contact our Reservations Team and they can assist you in finding Whistler accommodation at the best rates and offers we have at [email protected] or 1 800 667 3363.