Posted on October 12, 2022

Everything you need for Halloween is in Whistler.

A once-a-year tradition, Halloween is an exciting time for all ages to embrace shorter days, bring neighbourhoods closer together, and poke fun at creepy stories. You can get everything you might need for Halloween, such as Pumpkins for carving and spooky costumes in Whistler.


Spooky Costumes

If you wear a spooky costume to celebrate Halloween, you should check out the Re-Use-It Centre and the Whistler Hardware to grab an outfit. You can find many wigs, dresses, and accessories like wings, devil tails, and masks in the Re-Use-It Centre. If you prefer a complete costume for Halloween rather than assembling one on your own, you can get a Halloween costume set on Whistler Hardware. They also have kids’ size costumes, which is an excellent option for a family.

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