Posted on March 24, 2022

Teeing off at a Whistler golf course is a surreal experience. You will be in awe of the surrounding mountains, lakes, and bears as you play through on one of four championship courses.

If it is your first time playing golf in Whistler, we recommend you look at our 10 Essentials for Mountain Golf before you pack for your vacation.

10 Essentials for Mountain Golf

Golf Clothes – All courses in Whistler require proper Golf attire. This means a collared shirt and dress pants/shorts for men and ladies.

Golf Shoes – It’s always important to have good traction when out on the course.

Water Bottle – All Whistler Courses have water refill stations so a re-useable water bottle is highly recommended.

Camera – Maybe the 2nd most important item for your golf trip to Whistler. With stunning views of the glacier, world-class course design, and black bears frequently visiting the fairways, you will want to capture every moment.

Sunglasses – Being high up in the mountains, on sunny days you will need a pair of sunglasses as you drive or walk the long Whistler courses.

Short Sleeves / Long Sleeves / Pants / Shorts – Again being high up in the mountains, pack for 4 seasons in one day.

Sunscreen – did we mention you’re high up in the mountains? With the higher altitude comes stronger rays so a sweat-proof sunscreen is always recommended.

Bug Spray – when dusk hits the mosquitos come out to play. Ensure you’re not on their menu by having some bug spray handy.

Hat – Not only are they handy for keeping our eyes shaded, but they’re also a great place to keep your ball marker clips!

Balls & Tees – All pro-shops have them but if you’ve got some spares it never hurts to stock up your bag in case our forests eat some up!

Now that you are ready to tee off, it is time to think about where you are going to stay.

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