Dog Friendly

Enjoy a trip to Whistler with your Dogs

Everyone is welcome to stay at our hotel in Whistler, including your dogs. Crystal Lodge is a dog-friendly hotel that is mindful of all the needs of a dog and its owner.

We won’t charge you for bringing your dogs and will even include some goodies for your dog when you arrive. A maximum of 2 dogs may stay in a guestroom free of charge.

Dog Treats

Included in your pet-friendly room are some savoury snacks for your furry friend.

Dog Bowl

A dog bowl for eating and drinking are a must for any dog-friendly stay with us.

Dog Blanket

Forgot your dog bed? We’ll put some dog blankets in your room to give your pet a place to rest throughout your stay.

Dog Towel

A day of adventure can mean bringing home your pet covered in mud. We’ll provide a dog towel to help you clean up after a day exploring Whistler.