Posted on April 01, 2022

Running a business requires meetings on a daily basis. With Zoom and Microsoft Teams becoming more and more common for hosting team meetings, you may be asking yourself how can you get your team together in person and break away from the day-to-day norms. Here are 3 types of meetings best suited to off-site locations for you and your team to destress and refocus.

Yearly Planning Meetings

When you are organizing the department heads to gather and set the goals for the financial year, it is important that a company’s yearly planning meeting is extremely productive.

Similar to the decision-making meeting, the yearly planning meeting can be high stress, however, the participants are well prepared for the content and discussion. When you are organizing a large meeting like this, depending on the company’s size and locations, you will be organizing members travelling across Canada and internationally.

Logistically, this can be made easier to plan by planning an off-site meeting. A location that is close to an international airport and easy to organize private transport to and from is ideal. Having a desirable location such as Whistler will also encourage and incentivize those travelling a long distance to make the effort to travel.

In our professional opinion, you can make most meetings an off-site meeting. At the Crystal Lodge, we have seen every type of corporate get together from creative design retreats to union meetings and more.

If you are ever in need of some assistance on how to plan a Whistler corporate getaway or you are looking for ideas on how to get your team back together, you can contact our Group Sales Team at [email protected] or 1.800.667.3363.