Posted on May 15, 2023

P: Daniel O’Keefe, Mountain Skills Academy & Adventure

Via Ferratta

Imagine you’re above the clouds, your best friend behind you, a little scared but also extremely happy. You both giggle as your fingers cling to a cable attached to the rock face you’re climbing. You are now in, what seems like, a national geographic movie- except it’s your real life. You came to Whistler to experience mountain culture, and now you ARE mountain culture. Mountain Skills Academy & Adventure offers a thrilling experience through a 4-hour tour to the summit of Whistler Peak.

Via Ferrata is an Italian phrase that means “iron way”. It is a climbing route through the mountains that employs steel cables, rungs and or ladders that are fixed to rock. Climbers wear a harness, helmet and are secured when at height.

Bring warm layers, a weatherproof jacket and pants, hiking boots and sunscreen! you’ll want to be prepared for anything the mountain throws at you on this half-day adventure!

Don’t have any experience? that’s A-okay! Mountain Skills Academy & Adventure provides a certified guide that ensures your safety the entire trip; the thrill is there without worry.



Mt. Currie

Drive to Pemberton

The Sea to Sky highway goes beyond Whistler, and about 30 minutes north sits a quiet mountain town that is the full Canadian experience, perfect for a day trip from Whistler during the summer.

Along the drive, you can stop for a spectacular view of Green Lake, hike 3km to Nairn Falls, then stop at North Arm Farm for the ultimate Sea to Sky farm experience.

Once you leave Whistler Village, you’ll drive 10 minutes before arriving at Green Lake Lookout Stop. On the right-hand side, you’ll see the pull-out. This is a great place to watch float planes take off and pose for photos.

Nairn Falls Park is 18 minutes past Green Lake Lookout. There is a parking lot and tables to enjoy the view, so bring a lunch and fill your belly before the rest of the adventure. The hike is a 1.5km well-maintained trail that brings you to a unique-looking waterfall.

Pemberton is 10 minutes away from Nairn Falls, where North Arm Farm is situated. Depending on the season, you can pick fresh fruit in their U-pick program and then stop by to say hello to the pigs, sheep and chickens.

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