Posted on July 23, 2023

A Sustainable Adventure Awaits! Experience Whistler’s natural beauty while preserving it for future generations

Whistler is nestled in the mountains, between green lakes and flowing rivers. This Canadain Gem offers a plethora of eco-friendly activities for the conscious traveller. Join us on an exciting journey as we explore the wonders of Whistler’s eco-friendly tourism scene and discover how you can make a positive impact.

P: Tourism Whistler

Ec0-Friendly Guided Tours:

Sustainable tourism in Whistler is becoming increasingly popular. Having Eco-Awareness when participating in outdoor activities is a must to work towards a better tomorrow!

 Whistler Eco Tours: Immerse yourself in Whistler’s natural beauty and choose from 9 different water adventures. Canoe, Kayak and or paddleboard while taking in the mountain views.

 ZiptrekZipline through the Coastal Temperate Rain Forest! Prepare for an unforgettable eco-adventure like no other with Ziptrek. Brace yourself for a wild ride filled with heart-pounding zipping excitement with a blend of educational material on how to love Mother Nature and conserve our environment for future generations.

Lil’wat Cultural Centre: Combines cultural immersion with eco-consciousness. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the vibrant tradition, stories and artwork of the local Lil’wat Nation while supporting sustainable practices. The center is a prime example of eco-friendliness, incorporating green building techniques and sustainable materials.

Sustainable Dining in Whistler

Alta Bistro: Offering modern seasonal alpine cuisine, this restaurant has developed close relationships with about 30 farms. This fine dining experience will leave your taste buds memorized.

RMU Whistler: This is more than a bar, restaurant and community space but also a ski manufacturer. You can grab a pint or eat delicious food while admiring crafted skis hung on the wall. RMU is trying to shred the slopes while saving the planet in style! Their skis are crafted with a whopping 95% recycled material to give a second life to the things that once littered our Earth. But they don’t stop there! RMU is blazing a trail toward carbon neutrality, aiming to erase their entire CO2 footprint by the time 2025 rolls around.

Eco-Transportation Options

Forget the humdrum of traditional transportation! When it comes to getting around Whistler Village, it’s super easy. Lace up those walking shoes or jump on a bike; this town was almost built to be as eco-friendly as possible. Everything your heart desires is a stone’s throw away- whether it’s a gondola ride to the alpine, hiking through the lush forest, having a lazy day at one of the 5 Whistler lakes or shopping till you drop along the village stroll.

But in case you need to get out further than your two feet allow, here are two eco-friendly suggestions:

Whistler Transit Services: You can explore Whistler with the public bus service. This is a convenient and reliable option that’s easy to get around on a budget.

Bike Share Program – EVO: Whistler has implemented bike share programs promoting sustainable community transportation. These programs typically offer a fleet of bicycles stationed at various locations throughout the town. Users can rent bikes, allowing for convenient and eco-friendly transportation between destinations!



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