Posted on December 21, 2023

Meet Ian McIntosh – Big Mountain Skier and Whistler Local

Ian joined us here at the Crystal Lodge in Whistler BC. He showed up embodying what being a big mountain skier means: practicing self-awareness and an unwavering passion for getting outside. His journey to becoming a skier revolves around a relentless determination to be a better human.

During our conversation, Ian delved into his journey pursuing the steepest slopes across diverse mountain ranges. His approach blends authenticity with humility, tackling challenges in big mountain skiing and life with the same tactic – staying humble. Whether you’re stepping into the backcountry or just perfecting your skiing game, his tips hit home for everyone.

Ian also reveals different aspects of his life and how a profound connection with nature keeps him grounded, which is then reflected in the upbringing of his two daughters.

Watch the full interview below:

In the interview, Ian passionately shares his love for Volkl skis, labelling them as his top choice. His ultimate “dream ski”, Revolt 114, prioritizes speed, performance and remarkable riding capabilities in big mountain terrain. If you’re ready to conquer the slopes just like him, explore his recommended skis and or join him for one of his ski camps!

Exploring the mountains can offer many profound moments that can change your perspective on how tiny humans are. However, the decision to go off-resort is a big responsibility; many factors must be considered. If you would like more information on safety guidelines and what courses to take click here.