Posted on January 12, 2024

Whistler’s wonders aren’t limited to outdoor adventures. Culinary experiences in this mountain town are forever growing! Whistler will have your taste buds in a frenzy with these new(ish) eateries, ready to sweep you to a new world of enchantment.

Bar Oso: Chef Jorge Munoz Santos grew up immersed in Spanish culture and now brings his expertise to this new establishment on Whistler Main Street. Quickly gaining a reputation for their fabulous cocktails and atmosphere that sparks romance, your stomach will thank you for indulging in their tapas.

Provisions Restaurant: Grandma’s hug in a pastry, Provisions is the new neighbourhood cafe that inspires warmth in every bite. From fresh sandwiches and hot coffee to a stunning new interior, this is the place for a morning snack or afternoon delight.

Mekong: Wait? Where are you? Whistler or Southeast Asia? Mekong is the new Fine Thai cuisine in Creekside that will leave you feeling like you have transcended to another continent. Passion is infused into every dish, making Mekong worth the trip.

So there you have it – Whistler’s not just about the slopes and outdoor thrills. Dive into the scene, and you’ll find a foodie’s dream unfolding. Whether you’re sipping romance at Bar Oso, feeling the cozy vibes at Provisions, or taking a taste trip to Southeast Asia at Mekong, each spot is a story on your palate.

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