Posted on January 18, 2024



The Crystal Lodge is delighted to announce the launch of a new page on our website, Sleep Stories, to give you an immersive experience while falling asleep.

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting sounds of Whistler, our marketing team crafted sleep story outlines for guests.  Then, by giving Chat GPT specific prompts, the stories were boosted with descriptive content conducive to falling asleep.  Harnessing AI assistance, these tales are designed to transport guests into a world of relaxation, seamlessly blending technology with the natural ambience of Whistler’s mountains.

Adding a personal touch to this unique experience, Daryl West, the General Manager of Crystal Lodge, lends his soothing voice to guide travellers through Whistler adventures. The result is a fusion of cutting-edge AI technology and the charm of our mountain town.

Creating two experiences for your selection, the team worked hard at capturing the sounds of Whistler.

  1. Ski to Sleep: This story brings you through the journey of riding up the gondola, savouring strawberry waffles and skiing down powdery slopes to a restful slumber.
  2. Whistler’s Warmth: A tale that will pick you up and transport you into a dreamlike landscape. From the top of Whistler’s Peak to paddling on the valley floor, you’ll hear all the sounds of Whistler.
Strawberry Waffles

Whistler, being a bucket list destination, The Crystal sees the importance of offering an escape to the mountains even when you are home. This innovation enables you to carry a small piece of Whistler wherever you are, gently lulling you to sleep and inspiring thoughts of your next journey back to the Sea to Sky Corridor.

You can easily access ‘Sleep Stories’ before bed using the Crystal Lodge app – located on the pull-out bar or find the landing page here.

Crystal Lodge is excited for the future and embraces this creative venture. The hotel is dedicated to crafting compelling stories, immersive sounds, and consistently leveraging the latest technologies with a commitment is to be at the forefront of modern travel, using new technological advancements to redefine and elevate your travel experience.