Posted on February 14, 2024

Picture this: the main character in your typical romance movie is the girl in a coffee shop, writing a poem inspired by the allure of pain and intoxicating love. Rain always seems to be falling on the window, or sunlight coming in perfectly sculpting her face. Then, like clockwork, a boy sees her red scarf, bangs, and big blue eyes that make him stop in his tracks. The love story always, without a doubt, involves a coffee shop. Where will your love story begin? What stories do you write? Who will pause in their journey, drawn to your narrative?

Whistler, British Columbia, is the perfect fairytale town to sit in the coffee shop, sip on a latte, and pretend every passer-by is secretly falling in love with you. Main character energy only in 2024! Here is a list of Whistler Cafes to go soak in the romantic atmosphere:

Moguls Coffee House: A small cafe in the heart of Whistler Village, making you feel like you’re in a fairytale.

Lift Coffee Company: Tucked into the corner of the Village by the gondolas, their outside patio inspires calmness. Enjoy the scenic views and a cup of their specialty brews.

Forecast Coffee: Cookies the size of your dreams await you at Forecast Coffee. This Whistler cafe has so much seating, making it the perfect place to have breakfast with friends or family.

Starbucks Whistler: For those who crave familiarity, Starbucks delivers the taste of your go-to coffee with Whistler Village Views. Plus, they are located right under The Crystal.

The Living Room at Pangea: Board games, a charming wood-burning fireplace, and a tempting selection of breakfast and coffee make this cafe a must-stop, one-stop shop.

Each Whistler Cafe has its unique charm for you to explore – you will be inspired to write. And who knows, maybe some stranger will see you against Whistler’s mountain backdrop and stop to say hi. Whether it will be next to the fireplace at Pangea, under the sunlight streaming into Lift Coffee Company, or in the ambiance of Moguls. Whistler invites you to be the protagonist of your own story and cause a little trouble in someone’s life (but not too much trouble!), just like the girl in the movies with the red scarf and big blue eyes.