Posted on April 05, 2024

Looking for things to do in Whistler that your four-legged friend can participate in? Try these dog-friendly activities that will leave their tail wagging.
Dog jumping in lake Tourism Whistler/Justa Jeskova

As winter recedes and spring brings everything back to life, there’s no better time to explore Whistler, British Columbia, with your dog by your side. From strolls to hikes, Whistler offers many dog-friendly activities that are perfect for enjoying the beauty of spring in the mountains.

Let the road trip up the Sea to Sky highway begin. CAUNTION: Mud and smiles will be present.

You can probably already hear your dog begging to let their tongue fly out the window! Grab the leash, pack some treats, and prepare for an unforgettable springtime adventure at the Crystal Lodge.

Kickstart your day with a dose of puppy love – lock eyes with your shaggy pup, exclaiming “OH!!!! big stretch!!!” as you deliver a boop of epic proportions on that cute little nose. After the morning circus of extricating yourself from bed, the tradition of chasing your pup around your Deluxe Studio to retrieve your beloved sock proved yet again to be an exercise in agility and hilarity!

Pro tip: Trade the sock for a stick, found in all the surrounding Whistler forests.

Now that the thrill of waking up is over, you look forward to a calm day. Your semi-well-trained doggo is the perfect hotel companion minus all the morning dramatics.

Right… so you finally are dressed and you look down at the wiggly little butt you call your best friend and think “He is happy but I bet I could make him happier”. In that moment, you decide the mission of the day is to make it a dog fantastic day.

Take a quick walk to one of the several coffee shops and get a pup cup! Your slow(ish) morning will have prepared you for the day ahead, taking in all of Whistler’s views. Take a deep breath surrounded by blooming leaves and your dog leash in hand, Whistler hiking trails bring you into another dimension of joy.

Somewhere along the Valley Trail during your walk, you realize that your dog needs a friend… or a lover #spicy.

You stumble upon the dog beach at Lost Lake Park, where your furry friend can make new pals and burn off some energy in a safe and secure environment. Sit back and relax on the sunny beach as you watch your canine companion socialize with other dogs, or join in on the fun and toss a ball around in the spacious off-leash area. It’s the perfect spot for both dogs and their humans to unwind and enjoy the beauty of springtime in Whistler.

Caution: Rumors in the dog community suggest that pugs have a knack for stealing hearts. Their smushed faces really get the other pups going. Beware!

After a day full of emotions, top it off with a treat for both you and your furry friend at Cows Whistler with an après ice-cream cone. Then, retreat back to your temporary Whistler home at The Crystal, where relaxation awaits you both, wrapped in robes fit for royalty—because after a day of adventure, your pup deserves nothing less!

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