Escape the Daily Grind

There are so many sports to choose from when coming to Whistler but one you can do without having to get a pass or much equipment is running and as you can imagine it is really big in this small town.

With all of the amazing bike trails throughout Whistler the trail running is a huge part of the running scene. The Tenderfoot Boogie Ultra is a trail run between Squamish to Whistler. There are a few distant options to choose from – 50 miles, 50kms or 28kms – each with its own challenge but if you really want to test yourself than the RedBull 400 is the race for you. This takes place at the Whistler Olympic Park where you race400 meters from the bottom to the top of the ski jump all while gaining elevation.

Other popular trail runs throughout the summer are the Brandwine Boogie Trail Run, the Salomon Valley to Peak Race where you run up Whistler Mountain and the Rubble Creek Classic Run.  This is a long run but the scenary is spectacular. This race has been taking place since 1985, runners climb a grueling 1338 meters then proceed along the Helm Creek Trail, thru Cedar Flats and then down to Garibaldi Lake. The 1781 meter descent to the finish line at Rubble Creek is unbelievably taxing but well worth it.

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