Calling all adventure-loving dogs and their humans! Get ready to wag those tails and explore Whistler’s coolest trails together on dog-friendly walks. Whether you’re sniffing out lakeside paths or conquering mountain trails, we’ve fetched the best spots for you and your dog! So, leash up and come join the fun to explore Whistler’s pet-friendly paradise.

November – Rainbow Trail 

The Rainbow Trail in Whistler is approximately a 5-kilometers.

This moderate trail starts near Rainbow Park and leads through the beautiful forested areas with stunning views of Alta Lake.

Begin your adventure at Rainbow Park, where the trailhead starts, and enjoy the changing coloured trees. The Rainbow Trail offers varied landscapes—perfect for a refreshing hike with your furry companion.

While Rainbow Park might seem like an ideal spot for a game of fetch, it’s important to note that dogs must remain on a leash in this area. Despite the temptation to let your furry friend roam freely, keeping them on leash ensures everyone’s enjoyment!

Image by rihaij from Pixabay
December – Whistler Main Village to Blackcomb Village

Experience the magic of Whistler’s twinkling lights on a  late-night walk from Whistler Main Village to Upper Village, accompanied by your furry friend. Follow the Valley Trail, weaving through forests, crossing picturesque bridges and passing by charming reindeer. To savour the evening, stop by Handlebar Pizza or RMU for a pint and delicious food before returning. They have dog-friendly patios!

You can even extend your adventure by taking a longer route, looping around Lorimer Road to visit the Fresh Street Market before returning via the village stroll and making a captivating 45-minute journey.


Image by Martin Tajmr from Pixabay
January- Whistler Golf Course

Take a stroll through the winding paths around the snow-blanketed golf course, treating yourself to views of Rainbow Mountain. It’s a relaxed way to explore, especially if you want fresh air and stretch your legs on the icy days. Expect to share the trail with fellow paw parents and perhaps spot some of Whistler’s massive trees along your way.

The beauty of this walk lies in its flexibility—make your own journey by choosing the twists and turns along the perimeter that pique your interest. Many paths cater to your desired length, whether you prefer a brisk walk or a more leisurely pace.

February – Snowshoe in the Callaghan

Get ready to dive into a winter wonderland adventure in Callaghan this February! Lace-up those snowshoes and prepare with your four-legged friend for adventure in fluffy snow.

The Callaghan Valley is like a massive playground waiting for your family to explore. With trails winding every which way, it’s a paradise for those craving outdoor action on a chilly day.

And oh, the highlight? A frozen waterfall –  Alexander Falls—is jaw-droppingly stunning and totally worth strapping on those snowshoes for. There are plenty of other dog-friendly trails in the Callaghan Valley too! Just remember to check the latest trail info or swing by the Front Desk to talk to one of our agents to ensure you’re up-to-date on which trails are the perfect fit for you and your pup.

p: Ben Lamber
March – Green Lake

Explore the scenic path around Green Lake, which offers a fantastic dog-friendly outing in Whistler. Begin your stroll at Green Lake Park, where the trails hug the lake, offering stunning views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains. The path around Green Lake is dog-friendly, perfect for enjoying a brisk walk or a more relaxed pace with your furry friend.

The path around Green Lake in Whistler is approximately 5 kilometres. This makes it a reasonably moderate distance for a walk, offering ample opportunity to enjoy the scenic views while walking your furry companion. Depending on your pace, it typically takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to complete the loop around Green Lake.

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