Outdoor Winter Activities in Whistler

20th March, 2018

With so much to do in Whistler in the winter you will run out of time before you run out of activities.  This town is centred around adrenaline sports which makes it the playground for fast pace sport lovers from all over the world.  When you are not rushing down the ski hill, there are other ways to enjoy winter in Whistler with activities that are based around adrenaline and gas powered machines or winding down with nature one on one. 

Here is a list of a few outdoor winter activities that you should consider doing on your next trip to Whistler.


Adrenaline Junkies

If adrenaline is your thing then Whistler is the place to be.  Feeling the G forces is a regular day occurrence in this town.  From the thrill of racing down the ski hill to getting to experience the rush of the Olympic bobsleigh track, there is a thrill waiting to be had around every corner. 


Snowmobiling in Canada is right up there with one of the most popular winter sports, it has become a treasured Canadian pastime and for good reason.  With the press of the gas, you get propelled through the snow covered backcountry that spans as far as the eye can see.

This fun adrenaline filled sport is great for people of all ages.  You get to explore places that you cannot reach on skis or snowshoes. Experience mystic nights, dinner under the stars, frozen lakes, remote cottages, snow fields, gold rush towns and more with The Adventure Group or Canadian Snowmobile Tours.

Snowmobiling - The Adventure Group


Some of the best ziplining in Canada is right here in Whistler.  Superfly Ziplines has two of Canada’s longest tandem line spanning 1km at 500 feet above the ground reaching speeds of over 100kms.  Strap onto one of the tandem lines and take in the stunning mountain views.

Ziplining in Whistler

Bungee Jumping

There is no better rush than bungee jumping head first off a bridge 160ft above the Cheakamus River.  Imagine the rush right before you take the leap of faith, taking the weightless flight down over 53 meters towards the river below.  This is top of the list for anyone wanting a unique adrenaline rush filled with speed and fear.

If you don’t think you have what it takes to make the leap, you can also go tandem and take the plunge with a loved one making the experience a bit more managable.  Whistler Bungee is located a 14 minute drive south of Whistler down Hwy 99 close to the Callaghan Valley.  

Whistler Bungee


If you are looking for a sport of Olympic magnitude then you should hop into the 4 person bobsleigh at Whistler Olympic Sliding Centre and take off down an adrenaline fueled ride one of the world’s fastest bobsleigh tracks in the world.  You and three others will be piloted by a professional bobsleigh driver down 10 twists and turns reaching speeds of up to 125+ kms/hr and up to 4g forces. 

They also have skeleton where you can head down the track headfirst on your own sled.  No experience required so get ready to knock this off your bucket list.

Bobsleigh - Whistler Sliding Centre


Family Time

If you are looking for something a bit more family friendly we have a few activities that you can do with the little ones that will sure to get their hearts racing. 


If you haven’t taken the family to the Coco Cola Tube Park located at Base 2 on Blackcomb Mountain, what are you waiting for?  This tube park is set up from little to big allowing children as young as 3 to experience the rush.  Feel the wind rushing on your face as you cruise down one of the 7 lanes.  Warm up after by the fire enjoying some kettle corn and hot chocolate making it the perfect family outing.

Tubing at the Coca Cola Park

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a big deal in Canada, most children are born on skates and are given a hockey stick before they can walk.  We take our skating serious and want to share the love with all of our guests visiting from around the world.  That is why the Olympic Plaza in the winter is transformed into a free skating rink that can be shared by people of all ages. There are skating bars for those just learning and hockey sticks for those wanting to show off their skills. 

The rink is open throughout the day, closing for an hour at 1:30pm and 5:00pm for maintenance.  It is open until 8:30pm, don’t worry if you don’t have skates, there are rentals there for $6 a pair and don’t forget to bring your helmet.  

Ice Skating in Whistler


One with Nature

After a fun filled day full of adrenaline there are a few activities you can do to unwind and become one with nature.

Cross Country Skiing  

Whistler has some of the best cross country skiing trails in Canada with the Callaghan Valley, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Explore over 130kms of groomed cross-country ski trails for all levels including the only groomed dog friend trails on the BC Coast. 

Renting skis is also a breeze; you can stop at the first entrance at Alexander Falls Touring Centre and access the Callaghan Ski Shop.  You can also continue onto the second entrance to the Whistler Olympic Park Rentals at the Daylodge.  Both have classic or skate skiing rental options.  Check out Ski Callaghan for more details including rates, opening hours, trails and lessons.  From the Crystal Lodge & Suites the Callaghan Valley is located 14 kms south of Whistler Village.

If you are looking for something a bit closer to the Crystal Lodge & Suite, Lost Lake is the answer.  It has 30kms of groomed trails that you can access and 4kms of lighted trails for nights skiing which takes plae until 8pm daily.  You can also rent equipment out of the Lost Lake PassivHaus for a full day or a half day rental. 

Cross Country Skiing - Callaghan Valley


Both of the cross country areas also offer snowshoeing so if walking is more your thing, then you can always rent snowshoes at both locations.  Lost Lake offers xc skiing as well as snowshoeing until 8pm daily with 12kms of trails to access suitable for any level.  The trails range from hour long walks to half day adventures.

The Callaghan Valley can be explored on foot as well.  There are over 35mms of snowshoe trails that weave through the amazing landscape.  If you are looking to bring your furry family member, the trails at the Callaghan offer18kms of dog friendly trails. 

Snowshoeing in Whistler

Whistler Accommodation

If you are interested in visiting Whistler and checking out any of the winter activities listed above call our friendly In-House Reservations Team at  1.800.667.3363  or email [email protected] for more information