Posted on December 06, 2023

You notice the crumbs of leftover dog treats in your pockets as you shield them from the chilly Canadian air. Your partner’s hand gently rests on your shoulder, and your exhaled breath forms a visible vapour in the cold. Despite the winter chill, a comforting warmth envelops your entire body. Whistler has a way of affecting people like this, and you’re no different.

Your partner is an avid skier and dragged you here – or so you thought. It’s your first night stay at The Crystal on your weeklong winter getaway, and you’re starting to realize that Whistler has more to offer than skiing and mountain views (which are already both great).

The Christmas lights that line the Whistler Village stroll ignite your imagination as you walk to choose from the array of restaurants to celebrate the start of your family vacation.

You decide to stop at 21 Steps Kitchen + Bar for an evening of eating good food with your loved ones.

After a delicious meal, belly full, you enter the Crystal Lodge’s lobby, where you warm up by the roaring fire and speak to one of our friendly front desk agents who advise you on many Whistler winter activities you can do while the rest of your family skis.

Your partner, who’s a caring soul, jots down the following activities in messy handwriting:

  • “Snowmobile and zipline: Tag Whistler offers a combo package for the best Whistler adventure rates! Fly & Ride Combo 
  • Cross Country skiing: There are 30km of trails around Lost Lake!!
  • Snowshoeing with Canadian Wilderness: Explore the Callaghan Valley and learn about the local First Nation peoples. 
  • Tube park on Whistler Blackcomb: Slide over 1000 feet with 7 different lane options.
  • Audain Art Museum: Walk through history, exploring art from around the world and local BC artists.
  • Peak 2 Peak tour: Ride between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains on a 4.4km gondola ride.
  • Bobsledding at the 2010 Olympic track: Experience what 4 G forces feel like!”

Upon returning to your Two Bedroom Suite, you pick up the paper and begin deciphering it to start the tour booking process!

Unexpectedly, your ski vacation (sitting in the lodge waiting for your family to finish) has transformed into an exciting adventure brimming with fresh winter experiences in Whistler.

Superfly Ziplines Whistler

Waking up the following day comes easy, with a whole day of adventure planned. “It’s the perfect day,” you think to yourself.

With tired eyes and a messy bun, you walk over to Forecast Coffee to get a breakfast sandwich, then head back to your room to slowly change into your adventure clothes and kiss your partner goodbye for the day.

The coffee didn’t work like it usually does, so you get a hit of adrenaline to start the day to add an extra punch. With snow pants and a cute toque, you soar above the trees on a zipline, taking in the Whistler winter scene. It worked – you’re awake and only wanting more, and the snowmobile tour is perfect for quenching your thirst for adventure, even if you’re apprehensive. The nerves quickly settle when you meet your experienced guide, knowing you’re in trusted hands.

Immersed in the present moment, you lose track of time. Your partner calls, inquiring about your whereabouts. “Oops! I’ll be there shortly… Let’s grab a meal together on the mountain.”

Before long, you meet with your family at Rendezvous for lunch on top of Whistler Mountain, followed by an exhilarating journey on the Peak 2 Peak.

After a day of adventures, you and your family decide to wind down and calm your senses with a stroll through the Audain Art Museum.

Back at The Crystal Lodge, you and your family gather in the cozy warmth of your suite to share stories of the day.

While the week unfolds, you embrace more of Whistler’s winter wonders. The snowshoeing with Canadian Wilderness provides an escape, and the Bobsledding at the 2010 Olympic track adds a touch of thrill to your Whistler adventure.

As you stand on the snowy balcony of your suite on the last night, you have gratitude Whistler has not only provided you with a winter wonderland but has also gifted you and your family with moments of connection. You realize that sometimes the best adventures are the ones you least expect, and Whistler is more than extraordinary skiing.

If you need any more information on how you can make your winter holiday to Whistler unforgettable, please feel free to contact our friendly Guest Services Team at 1.800.667.3363  or email at [email protected] for more information.