Posted on March 04, 2024

The burst of new life during spring in Whistler makes for a fun experience for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. Various species of wildlife start emerging from winter hibernation and migration. Here are some different species you might encounter in Whistler during the spring:

  • Black Bears: Spring marks the awakening of black bears from their winter hibernation. These iconic big balls of cuteness can be spotted foraging for food, particularly in the lower elevations. Did you know they love eating grass? Good thing Whistler has amazing tours for you to see these animals safely and to learn more!
  •  Coyotes: When the days start stretching out and it gets warmer, you’ll catch coyotes hunting more. Listen for those unique yips and howls echoing through the night – that’s just them chatting and staking out their turf.
  • Red Squirrels: These energetic and vocal squirrels become more active in the spring, scampering through the trees and foraging for food in the forests of Whistler. They are always up to something!


Image by Krzysztof Niewolny from Pixabay
  •  Canadian Geese:  You may see them flying in impressive formations across the skies or hear their characteristic honking. Locals have a love hate with these birds. Be careful of your step on the beach! They tend to spoil themselves in the best tanning spots.
  • Hoary Marmot: These fluffy butt rodents are commonly found in alpine and subalpine environments. In spring, you might spot them basking in the sun on rocks or grassy slopes.
  • Cougar: While elusive and rarely seen, the spring months offer a slightly higher chance of spotting a cougar. These solitary predators may be on the prowl, taking advantage of the increased activity of their prey.

So there you have it! Whistler’s spring is the gateway to the wild side. From the sleepy bears waking up to the crazy antics of red squirrels and the honking of Canadian Geese, it’s a party.

And let’s not forget the fluffy butt Hoary Marmots sunbathing in the alpine, adding a touch of cuteness to the already stunning mountains. Even the elusive cougars might make a cameo, taking advantage of the hustle and bustle of their prey during the spring months.

No matter if you’re chilling in the lower elevations or making your way up to the alpine, get ready for encounters and soak in Whistler’s mountain paradise!

*Do not approach wildlife. This blog is not to encourage anyone to seek out predators. Your life is more important than a photo. *