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Pet Friendly Whistler Hotel


Check out a few of our furry four legged guests out and about in Whistler, cause dogs like vacations too!!

When it comes to canine companions, our small town of Whistler is as dog friendly as they come from having dedicated parks, swimming areas and even hotels that allow the furry family members to have the opportunity to head on vacation too. We at the Crystal Lodge Hotel & Suites are proud to be among the few pet friendly hotels in Whistler and one of the only ones where your furry family member stays for FREE,  that's right, we welcome your dog with open arms; we even get them their own blanket, pet food bowl, and treats to make sure they feel welcome. We call it the Crystal Canine program to ensure that your best friend feels just as important as you when staying with us in Whistler.

"This was the first time I brought my dog to Whistler and I'm so happy we stayed at the Crystal Lodge.  Now the dog wants to go on vacation every year" - Therese Russell

Crystal Canine Program

The Crystal Lodge is pleased to be one of Whistler's few pet friendly hotels, "where your dog is as welcome as you are!"  Whistler is a dog friendly village and there is also the valley trail and many great hiking trails nearby – Please be sure to take your leash (and a little baggie) with you when you are walking through the hotel or in the village.

Furry Four Legged Family Members are FREE at the Crystal and get:
• Dog blanket
• Dog Bowl
• Welcome dog treat
• Drying towel
• Doggie bag

Not all of you are Dog lovers. If this is the case, please call us to request one of our allergy free rooms!

Whistler Hotel Dog Policy

• Dogs must be kept in a crate/kennel if they are to be left unattended
• Dogs are NOT allowed on the furniture and are to be kept off sofas and beds at all times
• The dogs noise must not interrupt other hotel guests stay
• Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times
• Owners will be responsible for any extra cleaning required due to excessive mess or damage to hotel property
• Please refrain from bringing dogs to our in house restaurants, pool & hot tub area, as well as the fitness room
• Contact details to be provided to the front desk in case of an emergency
• Maximum of 2 dogs are allowed to stay in the room at any one given time or 3 dogs in our 2 or 3 Bedroom Suites
• Dogs that have any canine infectious disease including kennel cough must have written approval to social with other dogs from a veterinarian
• Sorry no cats, birds or caged animals allowed.  We only welcome dogs


Where can you take your dog in Whistler?

Pet Friendly Places and Parks in Whistler

Rainbow Park
If you are looking for places to take your canine companion in Whistler, be sure to check out Rainbow Park. Very close to Alta Lake road on the western side of Whistler Valley, there lies Barking Bay – a grass lawn with access to a swimming dock catered to your beloved dog. This pet friendly park in Whistler has all day off leash times in the designated dog areas and before 10am and after 8pm in the main park areas.
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Lost Lake Park
If you are looking for a tranquil and beautiful place to take your beloved furry best friend, be sure to take your dog to the pet friendly Canine Cove, 400 meters from the north of Lost Lake beach. Spend a wonderful day in Whistler with your dog.
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Alpha Lake Park
Opened dawn to dusk, Alpha Lake Park is a special beach for dogs called Arfa Park. Head south on the Valley trail to access Alpha Lake Park where you and you pets can enjoy a beautiful day outdoors. Pets can be off-leash in all dog designated areas and before 10am and after 8pm in the main park areas
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Dog Licences
In order for dogs to stay in Whistler each dog must possess and wear a valid dog licence from the community where they permanently reside. The licenses are available at the Municipal Hall or Whistler Animals Galore (WAG). WAG donates 50 per cent of proceeds for licences purchased at the animal shelter.

Prices for Pet Licence in Whistler:
• Neutered or spayed - $15
• Not neutered or spayed - $50
• Puppy five months and under - $15
• Replacement - $5

The licences help the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) contact dog owners, if a pet is lost or during an emergency.
Starting on January 1, licenses need to be renewed online or in person through the RMOW’s Online Dog Licence Renewal Service. To renew online, users need the account number and access code as listed on the renewal notices

Dog With a Blog

One of our favorite guests, Wendell, has decided to share his time here at the Crystal Lodge by writing a blog aptly named - Dog with a Blog.  Here are his entries, we hope you enjoy.

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