Stroll with your dog in Whistler's playground

Get ready to explore Whistler’s trails—it’s not just about hitting the slopes here! From spring to winter, there’s a hiking adventure for every season, and guess what? Your four-legged buddy can tag along for the fun.

Welcome to Whistler’s Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails:

Small dog enjoying the grass P: Unsplash
May- Train Wreck Trail

The Train Wreck Trail near Function Junction in Whistler spans approximately 3 km round trip, categorized as a moderate difficulty level. The trail winds through the forest, over a picturesque bridge and to a collection of colourful train cars covered with graffiti. It’s like stumbling upon an outdoor art gallery! And hey, it’s not too far out there, making it a pretty doable outing for you and your pup. The trees growing around the carts bring the scene to life for you and your pup to take some stinking cute pictures!  Dogs must be leashed following this cute trail along the Cheakamus River.



Dog running through a field of grass Image by Nirmal Sapariya from Pixabay
April – Ancient Cenders Trail

This journey through the Ancient Cedars Trail is the perfect April stroll. Experience the rich history of the forest and breathe in peacefulness. This 5km round trip will take approximately 2 hours with a 175-meter elevation gain. Now, getting there involves a 4.5km drive up the Cougar Mountain gravel forest service road, so make sure your wheels are up for it. It’s the perfect place to let your furry friend smell the Canadian wilderness!

Brown lab looks at camera
June – Lost Lake Park

Dog beach! – Yes, you read correctly, dog beach. Your furry friend gets to roam off-leash in designated areas and swim after sticks while you saok in the sunshine.

The trails around Lost Lake cover around 5 km, circling the lake with views of calm waters and lush forests that’ll make you go, “Whoa, nature, you’re stunning!” Starting from the park entrance, these loops suit all vibes—from a chill 1 to 1.5-hour walk.

Cute dog stands in the middle of the forest
July – Cheakamus Lake Trail

This sweet 6-kilometer hike will take you through dense forests decked out in wildflowers—it’s like walking through a live painting! Walking with your four-legged friend, you’ll catch glimpses of Cheakamus River, and then boom! You hit Cheakamus Lake, a postcard-perfect spot. Pack a picnic for you and your pup and soak in the views. Just a heads-up, though—your furry bud needs to stay leashed along the trail.

Dog stands in front of a lake P: Unsplash
August – Flank Trail

Leash up your furry sidekick to explore this huge trail, giving them tons of space to roam and feel the wind in their fur. Pause at lookouts to take in those mountain views. This hike is a classic summer adventure!

The Flank Trail starts from Alpine Meadows and varies in length depending on the route. Generally, it offers a range of distances, but an entire loop can be around 10 km to 15 km.

Light brown dog looking at camera in the afternoon sun Image by HeungSoon from Pixabay
September – Nita Lake Loop

Starting from Nita Lake Lodge, this chill path wraps around the scenic lake, giving you and your furry bud some sweet mountain reflections to admire. It’s all about easy vibes —perfect for a casual stroll or a jog if you feel fancy. And guess what? Your pup’s totally welcome on this smooth, paved trail, making it prime bonding time in Whistler’s cozy autumn setting that takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Small white dog Image by Nirmal Sapariya from Pixabay
October – Brandywine Falls Provincial Park

The hike to Brandywine Falls at Brandywine Falls Provincial Park typically covers a short distance, usually around a 1-kilometer round trip from the trailhead to the viewpoint and back. It’s a quick and easy walk that offers the splendid sight of the 70-meter waterfall. While your furry friend needs to stick to the leash, this view is worth it.


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