Be a Kid Again

The Family Adventure Zone is located at the base of Blackcomb Mountain and has 12 fun filled activities that are sure to keep the whole family happy.

Westcoast Slide is for thrill seekers of any age.  Head down the 315m luge track that is cut alongside Blackcomb Mountain and snake your way down by yourself or with a parent.  If you are more into exploring then the Amazing Maze is for you.  Put your navigational skills to use while competing against the clock for the fastest time against your friends.

Kiss the Sky Bungy Trampoline is a favourite among everyone that visits the Family Adventure Zone.  This self propelled amusement ride is a bungy trampoline that launches you 25 feet up into the air, try out your best flip or learn a new trick.  The Rope Zone is another maze-type adventure where you get to swing and climb through the maze of ropes all while being suspended in mid-air.  If you are more after a Spiderman adventure than the Spider Web is calling your name, this 25 foot high climbing web for kids 4 – 13 can climb around and make their Spiderman fantasy come true.

The Spin Cycle Human Gyroscope is not for the faint at heart, this ride gives you a feeling of being in space. NASA actually uses this as training for their astronauts to get them used to the weightless feeling. This is by far the most exhilarating ride in the Adventure Zone; it really is out of this world.  The Family Fun Zone is open daily from June to September; check out their hours or to get more information click here.

If you want more information on any of these activities please give our friendly Guest Services Team a call at 1.800.667.3363  or email [email protected].

photo credit – Mike Crane & Chad Chomlack