Road Biking

With the newly paved roads and amazing views, road cycling in Whistler is unforgettable

Whistler is known for its renowned mountain biking but for all of your road bike enthusiasts, there is plenty of options to chose from. The mountain roads are perfect if you are looking for a bit more of a challenge, the mountain climbs provide a new element that you just can’t find in the city. 

Road Cycling Whistler

The highway in and out of Whistler was redone back in 2010 for the Winter Olympics, leaving a smooth surface for miles. One of the main road cycling events is the RBC GranFondo which takes place in September. Over 7,000 people embark from downtown Vancouver onto the Sea to Sky Highway for a 122km ride up to Whistler. Another pinnacle event in the road cycling community that happens right here in Whistler is the IronMan Canada which takes in at the end of July. Unfortunately, IronMan Canada announced they would be moving their pinnacle event to Penticton starting in 2020. Over 2,000 people participate in this triathlon in which the second leg is a 180km road bike ride winding its way to the Callaghan Valley to Pemberton and back.

If you are looking for some rides close to the Crystal Lodge there are a few that have killer hill climbs but amazing views once you get up. Kadenwood, Stonebridge, and Taluswood are three that fall into this category; there is also Alta Lake Road, or Westside Road, which has plenty of scenery and rolling terrain. If you are looking for a longer ride you can always make your way out to the Callaghan Valley or venture north to Pemberton and beyond. Duffy Lake Road, Pemberton Meadows Road or heading out to Lillooet area are all amazing spots. 

Road Cycling Whistler

Just ask our front desk team for a map that will show directions to some of the rides listed above,  get out and explore, after all that is what you came here to do isn't it? To book your stay at the Crystal Lodge call 1.800.667.3363  or email at [email protected] to talk to our friendly In-House Reservations Team

photo credit - Mike Crane | TW