Hiking in Whistler

The Whistler area is amongst one of the best hiking terrains in BC or even Canada.

The mountain itself is in the Fitzsimmons Range of the Pacific Ranges of the Coastal Mountains which is located on the northwestern edge of Garibaldi Provincial Park. During the summer, Whistler ski hill is transformed into a world class bike park and hiking destination.

Outside of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain, there is also some amazing difficult hiking, the amount of hiking trails in the area is astounding for the age of the mountain ranges. Along with the huge number of trails, you will be sure to find majestic waterfalls, mind blowing glaciers, heart pounding summits and lakes so blue you would think it was painted. Among the best of the challenging trails are Wedgemount Lake, Cirque Lake, Russet Lake, Black Tusk, Panorama Ridge.

If hiking is your thing you have come to the right place, Whistler is among the best, call our friendly Guest Services Team at 1.800.667.3363  or email them at [email protected] to learn more.