Whistler’s Annual Balding for Dollars Fundraiser

12th March, 2013

2013 Balding For DollarsWhistler Friends are hosting the 11th Annual Whistler Balding for Dollars fundraiser for cancer patients at BC Children's Hospital. If you want to help fight cancer, come by on Sunday March 31st at the Garibaldi Lift Company.

The event is part of a province wide fundraiser to support kids with cancer at BC Children's Hospital and everyone is welcome to join. If you want to help you can nominate to have your precious locks shaved off or alternatively donate your loonies to the cause.

This year's event will also feature the 2nd annual Balding for Dollars Auction hosted by the Crystal Lodge & Suites. There will be lots of fantastic prizes up for grabs including:

Still not convinced of what a great opportunity this will be to help support the BC Children's Hospital why not just come for the party with the legendary Hairfarmers.

The Whistler Friends aim to raise $15,000 in donations this year. The event will take place from 3:30 - 5:30pm at the GLC. For more information please visit www.whistlerbaldingfordollars.com.