Spring Time in Whistler

23rd April, 2014

Now that spring is here, we need to start switching gears from snow to sun and from skiing to biking! But what you probably don’t know is that Whistler in the summer is more than just biking, it is hiking, swimming, golfing, gondoling, skateboarding, BMX pump track riding and dog walking just to name a few.
  Skateboard Park

Whistler is full of activities for all ages during the summer months; did you know that we even have an outdoor water park for the little ones? Now that all of the ice has thawed the lakes are starting to warm up with each passing day which is great news because the lakes in Whistler provide hours of enjoyment from waterskiing on Green Lake to floating down the River of Golden Dreams. We love our lakes so much that we even hold yoga classes on them; all you need is a paddle board, some balance and the assumption for a few and the expectation for many of getting wet.

Yoga on Nita Lake  Floating River of Golden Dreams

If you have a dog that you love to spoil, then Whistler is the place to be. The Crystal Lodge is pet friendly so you will never have to leave the furry family member behind again. When you check-in they even get their own blanket, towel and treat to start off their vacation on the right paw. When it comes to walk time, Lost Lake is full of amazing trails that you can spend hours walking on or even biking. It is very common to see just as many bikers as dogs running behind out on the trails and there is even an off leash park you can take them to after to cool down.
Dog at Rainbow Park  Dogs biking in Whistler

The spring in Whistler is full of opportunity, it is the time of the year where you get to brush off your favorite summer sport equipment and start to train because you have to beat that time in the bike park or that low round of golf or land that trick on your skateboard and why not, it is another year and in Whistler sky’s the limit! 

Golf in Whistler