Stretch Your Dollar

28th February, 2017

Corporate retreats are a tried and tested way to promote teamwork, trust and motivation.

When you have a strong team that works well together anything is possible.  Yoga is a great way to enhance your company retreat by creating a challenge that is shared by the entire team. It is an opportunity for individuals to push themselves to uncover their own strengths and build confidence which is key to any high performing team.

… Did we mention that it feels great?!
It is all too easy to find your winters spent wrapped up by the fire with a good book, but spring is a great time to welcome the mountains back into your life. Whether you are hiking, biking, or just enjoying the sun, it is a fantastic time to change up the daily routine and move into a fresh new season. Yoga is a fantastic opportunity to open everyone up, release those tired muscles and bring clarity back into everyone’s day. Whether you use this as an opener to a team meeting, or as a way to start the day before skiing it will bring a well-deserved moment of peace to everyone’s fast paced life style.
Mental breaks provide clarity and allow each member of the team to revisit any challenges they faced previously with newfound determination. At the end of a class, there will always be discussion of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses which is a great beginning to any retreat or meeting.
We are excited to be introducing yoga packages at the Crystal Lodge & Suites to enhance corporate retreats. If you would like to take a look into this avenue for your next retreat, please contact or call 604-938-2309 and we can talk to you about the new options that we have available!