Whistler Village Beer Festival 2017

30th August, 2017

Whistler Village Beer Festival Takes Over Whistler Olympic Plaza

The Whistler Beer Festival is back this September 13th – 17th with the main event happening on Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th from 12pm to 5pm.  This year marks the 5th anniversary and to celebrate, festival-goers that have a Saturday main event ticket can also access the grounds on Sunday as well.  Spend the weekend sampling beers from all over the Pacific Northwest with hundreds of other like minded individuals.

Whistler Beer Festival

Beer Festival Main Event Location

Whistler Olympic Plaza is a giant amphitheatre surrounded by some of the most epic mountain views in North America.  Picture yourself standing on lush green grass, nestled in one of the worlds best resort villages with a beer in hand.  Take in the views of both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain surrounded by one of the best vibes of any festival Whistler has to offer.

Beer Festival Tickets

Have you got your tickets yet for this year’s Whistler Beer Fest 2017?  You can find tickets to all of the Gibbons Whistler Beer Festival events on their website.  Get your All Access Pass for $80 which gets you into the main event both days, lunch, gift cards and extra beer tokens.  There is also beer pairing dinners, beer yoga, a pre-game brunch and more.

Whistler Village Beer Festival

Beer Festival Beer and the Beacon Pub & Eatery

You are probably wondering, where can I get all of these amazing craft beers after the festival is over?  Do I only get to drink these delicious brews on the day of the festival and then I have to go without until next year?  The answer is thankfully, no, you can sample quite a few of these labels at local watering holes all over Whistler including the Beacon Pub & Eatery, where they live beer.

Last year’s winner of the Beer Festival, Coast Mountain Brewing, has an IPA spot on tap at the Beacon.  This local brewery out of Function Junction offers up a rock solid IPA (India Pale Ale) and has quickly become a standard choice amongst the Whistler locals....and for good reason.  Named for the Brewmaster’s father, a retired surveyor, this 7% abv IPA sits at a hoppy 68 ibus.  For all of you non-beer aficionados  – abv is Alcohol by Volume and ibus is International Bittering Units.

Another front runner at the Whistler Craft Beer Festival is Steamworks.  Brewed out of Burnaby, BC, their flagship IPA is a tough one to beat.  At 6.7% abv and 65 ibus, this beauty of an IPA pours cloudy and bursts with tropical aromas and juicy flavours.  You can find Flagship IPA on tap at the Beacon Pub & Eatery.  They added it to their lineup last winter and has been a fan favorite ever since.

You can find tickets to all of the Gibbons Whistler Festival events on their website.  If you are still looking for accommodation during the Whistler Village Beer Festival, give our friendly Reservations Team a call at 1.800.667.3363 or email [email protected] to book your stay.

photo credit - Mike Crane | TW