Posted on December 26, 2023

Ready for 2024? Let’s make some New Year’s resolutions that involve less treadmill and more adventures to relaxation. Vacation more in 2024 and feed your desire to seek mountain thrills, then chill.  Here’s a countdown checklist to inspire your New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Eco-Vacay: Let’s do this right, folks! Feel the rush of ziplining with Ziptrek or chill on a canoe while learning about Whistler’s local environment and how you can contribute to a better, greener tomorrow.
  2. New Rides, New Vibes:  Try a snowmobile, ATV, or hop on a RZR. Or heck, feel like a cowboy on horseback!
  3. Curate Moments: Your Instagram page could pop off (as the kids say) while you explore all the scenic spots in Whistler. Check out these spots to level up your Instagram.
  4. Food Expedition: Hold onto your taste buds! It’s about to be a wild ride in 2024.  Hit up the local eats—fancy joints, cozy cafes, and food festivals with flavours that’ll make your mouth throw a party. Enjoy all the tastes of Whistler!
  5. Zen Out: It’s time to hit refresh on your mind. Indulge in a relaxation day with a yoga class or a day at the spa. Reset your nervous system for 2024 and release your built-up tension. In 2024 it’s time to relax more.
  6. Family Bonding: Gather the gang and soak in Whistler’s beauty together. Explore the village, eat some ice cream, see the surrounding peaks, and play in the Whistler family fun zone. Memories are best made against mountain backdrops.
  7. Sleep better: Wanna sleep like a baby? Easy! Spend the day breathing in that fresh mountain air, hitting the tails, and channelling your inner child through mountain play. Then voila! You’ll be counting sheep in no time.
  8. Peak Banging:  Put on your skis, hiking boots, or hop on a bike. Playing in big mountain terrain and feeling like you’re on top of the world gives a sense of accomplishment that’s earned. There is no better way to build confidence than to explore while meeting amazing people outside of your typical norm.
  9. Get your Après on: This New Year is all about allowing yourself to enjoy the moment, so treat yourself after your days are filled with adventure. Nothing is better than a beer and a good meal after a day sightseeing the rugged West Coast mountains.  You’ve earned the right to relax!
  10. Learn Local Ski Bum Lingo: Immerse yourself in ski culture and feel like a true Whistlerite in no time. Here are our top favourite sayings:
  • Send it: Go for it or do something without holding back, especially when it’s kind of wild. Doing some cowboy stuff but mountain-style!
  • Jerry: An idiot.
  • That was Gnarly: Something was really cool, or extreme.
  • Nose Butter: A move in skiing or snowboarding where you spin around 270 degrees while doing this smooth move on the front.

Whistler isn’t just a spot on the map; it’s the canvas for your dream adventures. Imagine conquering those breathtaking peaks, diving into thrilling trails, and soaking up that unbeatable vibe. If you want to make 2024 nothing short of legendary, click here to find some wicked deals.

If you need any more information on how you can make your holiday to Whistler unforgettable, please feel free to contact our friendly Guest Services Team at 1.800.667.3363  or email at [email protected] for more information.